Composition 498 by Chad Wys (web/tumblr)

For sale on eBay, starting at one cent.  Along with several other paint and collage studies on paper.

About 24 hours left.


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The difference between abuse & neglect and genuine love for a child that may be trans.

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Andy Warhol and Jean Michel basquiat

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Self-portrait detail, Oil on canvas (3’x4’)

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this makeup is SO GOOD

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Gellage ,The New Technique of Michal Macku

Since the end of 1989, Michal Macku has used his own creative technique which he has named “Gellage” (the ligature of collage and gelatin).

The technique consists of transfer the exposed and fixed photographic emulsion from its original base on paper. This transparent and plastic gelatin substance makes it possible to reshape and reform the original images, changing their relationships and endowing them with new meanings during the transfer. The finished work gives a compact image with a fine surface structure. Created on photographic quality paper, each Gellage is a highly durable print eminently suited for collecting and exhibiting.

The laborious technology, which often includes the use of more than one negative per image, makes it impossible to produce absolutely identical prints: Each Gellage is an original work of art. The artist does make at least 12 signed and numbered prints of each image.

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